The most popular sports in Pakistan

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Just like many nations across the world, cricket and football are more of religions in Pakistan. Football and cricket are the most popular sports in Pakistan. While Pakistan sports fans find all information, including live streams about Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2021 on, they can watch Pakistan Premier League's (soccer league) live streams, game schedules, and more. Beat odds on football and cricket games are on offer at the most popular sport branding sites on the internet. This sharp rise in football and cricket has seen a fall of other games. The apparent reason for this sharp rise of football and cricket games is because the best odds of football and cricket betting are widely accessed and preferred to those of other games.

Pakistanis' favorite sport types  

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1. Cricket


As mentioned earlier, cricket has grown its wings in Pakistan. Its no longer referred to as a sport but more of a religion, a day-to-day culture. Pakistan has rich talent when it comes to this elite sport. The local and international cricket community has seen its fame rising rapidly from the '90s to the 2000s. The fever becomes more feverish for cricket lovers when a world cup takes shape. Pakistan is always on the favorite list and luckily, live streaming allows people to bet on how the games will turn out. You talk of Shahid Afridi, Wahab Riaz, and Misbah ul Haq, big forces in both bowling and batting fronts for Pakistan cricket. Some have all rounded all formats, from T20, ODI series, and Test cricket.

2. Football

Over the years, Pakistan has become a big force on the international front. Football is most popular sport in the world and no one can dispute that. The Pakistan federation has managed to pull their sporting socks, making football the most exceptional sport ever. In statistical terms, football is the second most viewed sport in Pakistan. Heights like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Manchester United can be reached because Pakistan football is growing. Football have grown fanatically in all bounds. Pakistan has contended well in Asian Cup, a new phenomenon that was not known in the past.

3. Vollyball

From the bounds of cricket and football, there is volleyball. It has its fair share of popularity in Pakistan because it has grabbed attention from major cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Faisalabad. Not to forget many rural-based backgrounds around the whole of Pakistan; they also cherish the great game of volleyball. Volleyball tourneys in Pakistan attract fair crowds and attention.

4. Boxing

For the past years, boxing has been gaining a lot of popularity and fame on the international front. Be it Olympics and WBA championships, Pakistan boxers have also made a mark. Amir Khan is boxing excite from Pakistan. His British-Pakistan origin has been very critical in the development of his career and the motivation of other boxers. With such a great fan base in Pakistan and Britain, Khan has made huge strides in the boxing arena.

5. Tennis

In most of urban Pakistan, tennis glues people to the screen. The main attractions are international talents Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, also not forgetting Naval Djokovic. These former champions have hundreds of fanatics in Pakistan. In terms of players, they have a few professional players and amateur players. This is because the nation bemoans poor infrastructure and events.

6. Hockey

On the world cup and Olympic front, hockey has produced 4 cups and 3 gold medals respectively. However, the game has seen its popularity hitting rock bottom. The reasons are a change in the hockey federation. Like always, poor infrastructure, poor stardom, and lack of international appeal have been haunting the progress of hockey. Pakistan hockey continue to pin their hopes on a possible comeback of this former giant.

7. Squash

Have you forgotten the great Jahangir Khan and Janshair Khan who were prominent in the 90s age of international squash? They dismantled championship contenders from Asia and those that came from the rest of the world. However, those days are greatly missed by squash favorites because squash, just like hockey, has hit rock bottom. The struggle continues as the squash community continues to be hampered by poor infrastructure and learning hubs. Membership to squash tourneys have hit a low but people continue to play if the opportunity arises.

In conclusion, trends have gone in favor of cricket and football, but other sports still have a fair share of popularity and fame. Also, live-streaming and sport betting websites are the most popular in Pakistan.

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