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Euro T20 Slam is the newest league in the list of leagues that will be organized by Scotland, Netherlands, and Irelands cricket boards in August 2019. If you are looking for Euro T20 Slam Venue, then you are at right place. You will get each and everything related to venues of the league. Stay with me!

Euro T20 Slam Venue 2019

Nowadays, there are many leagues of T20 cricket. Euro T20 Slam is one of these leagues that will be inaugurated in August 2019. There are six franchises of this league. Every franchise is associated with the name of cities of this league. Many people love to play watch cricket in stadiums, so, they look for Euro T20 Slam venue to buy tickets.

Euro T20 Slam Venue

If you are also looking to enjoy the matches of this league in the stadium, then you should know the venues of the league. I know, people support specific franchises due to their residential area and favorite players. Do you want to enjoy the match in the stadium to support your favorite team? If yes, hold on, it is the right place for you because I am going to discuss the venues of the league.

Three venues have decided for the first edition of the league. These three venues belong to three countries: Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands. Let’s talk about Euro T20 Slam Venue:


It is a city of Netherlands and famous for its old heritage and culture. People also come to visit this city from different parts of the world. If you want to visit this city in the future, then don’t forget to visit it in August because there will be cricket matches of Euro T20 Slam. It is a home venue for the team of Amsterdam. You should buy the tickets to watch matches at the stadium. Your support in the stadium will help your home team to win the game.

VRA, Amsterdam Cricket Club

It is a cricket stadium in the Netherlands and has a capacity of 4500 people at a time. Moreover, it is a home stadium of Netherlands, and there are many international matches have been played.
The first international cricket match arranged in this stadium in 1978 by Netherland Cricket Board. In the first match, Netherland was the host, and New Zealand was the guest team.

It has hosted ICC World Cup 1999 match and ICC Champions Trophy 1990 match. Moreover, there are many domestic cricket matches played in this stadium.

First Ten Matches Will Be Played In This Stadium

30-Aug-19Amsterdam Kings vs. Rotterdam RhinosVRA, Amsterdam
30-Aug-19 Glasgow Giants vs. Belfast Titans VRA, Amsterdam
31-Aug-19Edinburgh Rocks vs. Dublin ChiefsVRA, Amsterdam
31-Aug-19Amsterdam Kings vs. Belfast TitansVRA, Amsterdam
01-Sep-19Glasgow Giants vs. Dublin ChiefsVRA, Amsterdam
01-Sep-19  Edinburgh Rocks vs. Belfast Titans VRA, Amsterdam
02-Sep-19Rotterdam Rhinos vs. Belfast TitansVRA, Amsterdam
03-Sep-19Amsterdam Kings vs. Edinburgh RocksVRA, Amsterdam
04-Sep-19 Edinburgh Rocks vs. Belfast Titans VRA, Amsterdam
05-Sep-19 Amsterdam Kings vs. Rotterdam Rhinos VRA, Amsterdam


Edinburgh is a city in Scotland, and it is also a famous city for tourism. Many people from different parts of the world come to this city every year to spend their vacations. If you love cricket, you should come in August to watch the cricket matches in the stadiums of this city. Moreover, there is a team with the name of this city in Euro T20 Slam. You can also come to the stadium if you belong to this city because you can support your home team in this league. Don’t forget that there will be many international stars in this league.

The Grange, Edinburgh       

It is the international stadium in Scotland. It is a regular home stadium for Scotland, and many international matches have played there.

Australia, Pakistan, and England are the top teams visited this stadium to play international matches. Moreover, the star cricket from different sides of the world has participated in the matches that have played in this stadium.

Again, the international players are going to play Euro T20 Slam League on this venue. So, if you have love and craze for cricket, then you should watch the last part of Euro T20 Slam league in the stadium.  It is the third Euro T20 Slam Venue in 2019.

First Ten Matches Will Be Played In This Stadium

06-Sep-19 Glasgow Giants vs. Edinburgh Rocks The Grange, Edinburgh
06-Sep-19 Rotterdam Rhinos vs. Belfast TitansThe Grange, Edinburgh
07-Sep-19 Dublin Chiefs vs. Amsterdam KingsThe Grange, Edinburgh
07-Sep-19 Edinburgh Rocks vs. Rotterdam RhinosThe Grange, Edinburgh

Amsterdam Kings vs. Belfast Titans 

The Grange, Edinburgh
08-Sep-19  Dublin’s Chiefs vs. Rotterdam Rhino  The Grange, Edinburgh
09-Sep-19 Glasgow Giants vs. Rotterdam RhinosThe Grange, Edinburgh
10-Sep-19 Edinburgh Rocks vs. Dublin Chiefs  The Grange, Edinburgh
11-Sep-19 Dublin’s Chiefs vs. Rotterdam Rhinos The Grange, Edinburgh
12-Sep-19 Glasgow Giants vs. Edinburgh RocksThe Grange, Edinburgh


Durbin is a famous city in Ireland. Typically, it is a favorite city for tourism.

Moreover, there is an international cricket stadium in which many international matches have played. If we talk about the Euro T20 Slam League, then we find that there is a team with the name of Durbin. I can say that it is a home ground for the people of Durbin in this league. The time and dates of matches will be announced. I will keep update you about this league.

The Malahide Cricket Club, Dublin

First Ten Matches Will Be Played In This Stadium

13-Sep-19  Belfast Titans vs. Dublin Chiefs   Malahide, Dublin
13-Sep-19   Glasgow Giants vs. Rotterdam RhinosMalahide, Dublin
14-Sep-19   Amsterdam Kings vs. Edinburgh Rocks Malahide, Dublin
14-Sep-19  Glasgow Giants vs. Dublin ChiefsMalahide, Dublin
15-Sep-19       Edinburgh Rocks vs. Rotterdam Rhinos Malahide, Dublin
15-Sep-19       Amsterdam Kings vs. Glasgow GiantsMalahide, Dublin
16-Sep-19Glasgow Giants vs. Belfast Titans Malahide, Dublin
17-Sep-19Dublin Chiefs vs. Amsterdam Kings  Malahide, Dublin
18-Sep-19 Amsterdam Kings vs. Glasgow GiantsMalahide, Dublin
19-Sep-19 Belfast Titans vs. Dublin ChiefsMalahide, Dublin

I hope you will be going to watch matches at Euro T20 Slam Venues. If you need more details about this league like live score, schedule, live streaming, then you can visit other pages of this website. Enjoy the cricket!

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