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The Euro T20 Slam is a league of cricket that will be organized for the first time in the mid of 2019. Moreover, the organizers of the league are Cricket Netherlands, Irelands, and Scotland. It is an official event of cricket verified by the International Cricket Council. If you are looking for details of this event like schedule, teams, and venues, then stay with me!

Euro T20 Slam

Euro T20 Slam League

Upcoming cricket league will be organized by three cricket boards known as Cricket Netherlands, Cricket Irelands and Cricket Scotland.

Starting Date: 30 August 2019

Ending Date: 22 September 2019

Euro T20 Slam 2019 Official Logo Revealed

Euro T20 Slam Logo

Tickets of Euro T20 League

As you know, the Euro T20 league will be held in the European countries Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands. Moreover, fans of cricket are also waiting for this T20 league. If you want to even go to the stadium to watch live cricket, then you should book the tickets first. After booking the tickets, you should get ready to go to the stadium.

Euro T20 Slam Schedule/ Fixture/ Timetable

Euro T20 Slam Schedule is announced by the officials this t20 league. Are you looking for the schedule, fixtures and time table? That’s great because you are in the right place. There are three countries: Netherland, Ireland, and Scotland are the hosts of this league. So the matches will be played in all these places. If you are looking for more details related to schedule, fixtures, timings, locations, etc. then you are at the right place.

(Netherland – VRA Cricket Academy, Amsterdam)

Match noDay/ DateGameTime(GMT)
1Fri 30 Augst 2019Amsterdam Kings VS Rotterdam Rhinos10:30 Hrs
2Fri 30 August 2019Glasgow Giants VS Belfast Titans14:30 Hrs
3Sat 31 August 2019Edinburgh Rocks VS Dublin Chiefs10:30 Hrs
4Sat 31 August 2019Amsterdam Kings VS Belfast Titans14:30 Hrs
5Sun 01 Sept 2019Glasgow Giants VS Dublin Chiefs10:30 Hrs
6Sun 01 Sept 2019Edinburgh Rocks VS Belfast Titans14:30 Hrs
7Mon 02 Sept 2019Rotterdam Rhinos VS Belfast Titans14:30 Hrs
8Tue 03 Sept 2019Amsterdam Kings VS Edinburgh Rocks14:30 Hrs
9Wed 04 Sept 2019Edinburgh Rocks VS Belfast Titans14:30 Hrs
10Thu 05 Sept 2019Amsterdam Kings VS Rotterdam Rhinos14:30 Hrs

Euro T20 Slam Schedule

(Scotland – The Grange Club, Edinburgh)

Match NoDay/ DateGameTiming(GMT)
11Fri 06th Sept 2019Edinburgh Rocks VS Glasgow Giants10:30 Hrs
12Fri 06th Sept 2019Rotterdam Rhinos VS Belfast Titans14:30 Hrs
13Sat 07th Sept 2019Amsterdam Kings VS Dublin Chiefs10:30 Hrs
14Sat 07th Sept 2019Edinburgh Rocks VS Rotterdam Rhinos14:30 Hrs
15Sun 08th Sept 2019Belfast Titans VS Amsterdam Kings10:30 Hrs
16Sun 08th Sept 2019Dublin Chiefs VS Rotterdam Rhinos14:30 Hrs
17Mon 09th Sept 2019Glasgow Giants VS Rotterdam Rhinos14:30 Hrs
18Tue 10th Sept 2019Edinburgh Rocks VS Dublin Chiefs14:30 Hrs
19Wed 11th Sept 2019Dublin Chiefs VS Rotterdam Rhinos14:30 Hrs
20Thu 12th Sept 2019Edinburgh Rocks VS Glasgow Giants14:30 Hrs

Euro T20 Slam Schedule Image

(Ireland – The Malahide Cricket Club, Dublin)

Match NoDay/ DateGameTiming(GMT)
21Fri 13th Sept 2019Dublin Chiefs VS Belfast Titans10:30 Hrs
22Fri 13th Sept 2019Glasgow Giants VS Rotterdam Rhinos14:30 Hrs
23Sat 14th Sept 2019Amsterdam Kings VS Edinburgh Rocks10:30 Hrs
24Sat 14th Sept 2019Dublin Chiefs VS Glasgow Giants14:30 Hrs
25Sun 15th Sept 2019Edinburgh Rocks VS Rotterdam Rhinos10:30 Hrs
26Sun 15th Sept 2019Amsterdam Kings VS Glasgow Giants14:30 Hrs
27Mon 16th Sept 2019Belfast Titans VS Glasgow Giants14:30 Hrs
28Tue 17th Sept 2019Dublin Chiefs VS Amsterdam Kings14:30 Hrs
29Wed 18th Sept 2019Amsterdam Kings VS Glasgow Giants14:30 Hrs
30Thu 19th Sept 2019Dublin Chiefs VS Belfast Titans14:30 Hrs

Euro T20 Slam 2019 Schedule Image

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Euro T20 Slam Time Table/ Fixture

Euro T20 Slam Time table, venues, and fixtures are a vital part of this event, and many are looking for these things. If you are also looking for time table, venues, and fixtures, then you don’t need to worry because you will get everything on this platform. Moreover, there are many other details about Euro T20 League. There are three venues from three countries, and six teams are participating in the event to give entertainment to the people of Europe.

Break 20th Sept 2019 on Friday 

Match NoDay/DateGameTiming(GMT)
31Sat 21th Sept 2019Semi-Final10:30 Hrs
32Sat 21th Sept 2019Semi-Final14:30 Hrs
33Sun 22th Sept 2019Grand Final14:30 Hrs

Euro T20 Slam 2019 Schedule Images

Euro T20 League Streaming Partners

It is not possible to watch live cricket matches for every fan. The reason is that many fans have not enough time and some fans have not enough resources. Therefore, those people who cannot go to the stadium, they should watch the live streaming of Euro T20 league on TV channels. Moreover, the partners of live streaming are coming on the screen as soon as possible.

Euro T20 Slam Teams/Squads

There are six teams based on franchises. These six teams will represent six cities of three states. Let’s talk about these teams:

Rotterdam RhinosBelfast TitansEdinburgh Rocks
Amsterdam KingsDublin ChiefsGlasgow Giants

  • Dublin Chief & Belfast Titans from Ireland.
  • Edinburgh Rocks and Glasgow Giants from Scotland.
  • Amsterdam Kings and Rotterdam Rhinos from the Netherlands.

If you are looking for detailed information about all these teams, then you have to stay with me because I am going to discuss these teams in detail.

  • Dublin Chief 

As you know, the name of teams is associated with the names of cities to motivate and involve the people of that city. So, Dublin is a famous city in Ireland, and many international matches have organized there by the International Cricket Council. So, this city has a lot of lovers of cricket. Now, there will be a team associated with the name of the city and the people of this city will enjoy more and support their team. There will be many international players in this team as well as domestic players.

  • Belfast Titans 

It is another team that will participate in this cricket league that will start in the mid of 2019. Do you know it? It will be an inaugurated edition of this league. I observed that there are many star players who came in international cricket after playing different leagues. So, there are many hopes that Euro T20 Slam will also produce some stars in international cricket. Belfast is a city of Ireland, and the people of this city have a particular craze for cricket. In my opinion, this is one of the best reasons behind involving the team of this city in this league.

  • Edinburgh Rocks

Edinburgh is a famous city in Scotland. There are many cricketers in this city who have played for the international team of Scotland as well as the county cricket of England. As you know, the three countries are participating in this league. So, every country has an opportunity to introduce two teams. If you are looking for the teams of Scotland, then there are two teams are included in this league from Scotland. Edinburgh is one of these two teams that will involve citizens of this city.

  • Glasgow Giants

For visiting purposes, Glasgow is a famous city in Scotland. As I told, there are two teams from Scotland. Glasgow is one of those teams. In my opinion. The cricket league will be a new experience for the people of this city. That’s the reason there will be no match in this league. Like the other teams, six domestic players can play in every match. It shows that the local people of this city will take interest in this cricket league. You can get more updates related to this league and team from this website in the future also.

  • Amsterdam Kings 

This is a team from the Netherlands. I am observing this team from years, and I reached the point that there are many stars in this team but not teamwork. That’s why we never saw any big performance of the team. Now, there is a chance or opportunity for the players of this country to come to this event and learned. Already, many people in this city love cricket and want to watch players.

  • Rotterdam Rhinos

It is another city in the Netherlands. Do you know it? It is a port city, and thousands of tourists come to this country every year. If you are also looking to watch the matches of this team in the stadium, then you should go and watch the matches. Moreover, there are a lot of opportunities for tourism for you. I hope this event will engage the people of this city.

The Squad of T20 Slam

Franchises have selected the nine local players and six overseas players as of the official of the Euro T20 league. Moreover, players will be chosen as the other leagues of the world. International cricket stars will play in this league as overseas players. The names of the players have also announced. Besides, the local player’s squad will be announced. Check out Complete Euro Squads Link Below.

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Euro T20 Slam 2019

Euro T20 Slam Venues

In 2019, the games of this league will be played in three cities: Dublin, Edinburgh, and Amsterdam. The officials are thinking to expand this league on other cities of these three countries to provide entertainment to the lovers of cricket.

There will be 33 matches in this league including round-robin, quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. I hope you will love this league because of the interest of players in the league.

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Dublin is the city of Ireland, and it is already a famous city for the cricketers. There are many international matches have played by the different international teams.

T20 Slam Stadiums

  • VRA, Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the city of the Netherlands. It is the most beautiful city. There is also a cricket venue in Amsterdam. Moreover, in 1978, the Netherlands cricket board arranged the first international cricket match in this stadium. Amsterdam Kings play cricket in this stadium for practice.

VRA, Amsterdam has a capacity of 4500 people at a time. Furthermore, Amsterdam Kings belongs to Amsterdam. The officials of Euro T20 selected this cricket venue for the first ten matches. Therefore, you should not waste the chance to visit this stadium.

  • The Grange, Edinburgh

The most beautiful city in Scotland in Edinburgh. It is a famous city among all the tourists. People come from different parts of the world to visit this city. This city also has an international cricket place. Moreover, many international cricket tournaments have played at this stadium.

The international players are going again to play cricket at this cricket venue. It is the home city of the Euro T20 cricket team named Edinburgh Rocks.

The Second ten matches of Euro T20 Slam will be played at this cricket venue.

  • Malahide Dublin

The last ten matches of the Euro T20 cricket will play in the Malahide cricket place of Dublin.

As you know, Dublin is the city of Ireland. Moreover, it is the home of the Belfast Titians. In Malahide, many international cricket tournaments have played.

If talking about that who built this cricket place, then the name of the fifth Talbot of Malahide comes to screen. Do you know the name of the fifth Talbot? If you don’t know, then I can tell you. Richards Wogan Talbot is the fifth Talbot of the Malahide.

He built this cricket venue in the Lady Arc fields. This stadium has a capacity of 11,500 people at a time. Moreover, this is an enjoyable cricket venue.

Euro T20 Slam Live Score Ball by Ball

If you are not able to watch matches in the stadium or on the TV due to your busy schedules, hold on, don’t need to worry because you can watch live score ball by ball here. There is a number of matches in the league, so, it is not possible for everyone to watch games on the TV because you have to stick at a place to watch live streaming of the match.

Euro T20 Slam Ball by ball score will provide you every information about the match without disturbing you. Moreover, you can do your works at the same time. In the past, it was a big problem for the lovers of cricket to get updates of matches. Nowadays, the latest technologies. I hope you will enjoy this live score ball by ball with the use of your mobile device., you need to connect your device with the internet connection and visit this website.

Euro T20 Slam League Points Table

Euro T20 Slam has started, and teams are playing matches. Many people are confused because they don’t know which team will participate in the final round of the tournament. If you are in the same condition, don’t worry, the points table of all matches will help you to analyze the position of a specific team. Moreover, there are many other things available in the points table like average, won, lost, points, etc.

Dublin Chiefs000000
Belfast Titans000000
Amsterdam Kings000000
Edinburgh Rocks000000
Glasgow Giants00000
Rotterdam Rhinos000000
  • If Win – 2 Points
  • In Case Tie – Super Over
  • No Result – 1 point to Each team
  • If Loss – 0 points

You have known the everything related to the Euro T20 Slam. I will tell you about the points table as I have described to you before everything related to this league. So, I am going to take the instruction about the points table for you.  When the games of Euro T20 will start, I will tell you the points table of this league.

Many people are looking for the points table to watch the positions of teams. After the number of matches, it is possible to analyze the groups based on their performances. But you have to get the points table for this purpose. Moreover, the points table is available here free of cost for you to provide useful information. I hope you will enjoy this helpful information.

Tournament Rules

According to the initial information of this league, there will be nine domestic players in every team and up to seven overseas players.

Moreover, there will be six domestic players in the playing level in every match. More than six domestic players will not able to play in the playing eleven.

There is nothing unique in the structure of the tournament. As you know, the round-robin technique is a simplified structure nowadays in cricket leagues like PSL, IPL, BPL, etc. So, there will be a round-robin structure at the start of the tournament. After that Semifinal and final will be played between the winners. Overall, there will be 33 matches in the schedule.

Final Words
If you are looking to watch matches in the stadium or on your TV, then you don’t need to go anywhere else because everything is available on this website. You can keep visiting this website for more updates related to Euro T20 Slam.

Moreover, I hope you will enjoy all the 33 matches of the Euro T20 Slam. If you have still any queries related to Euro T20 Slam, then you should leave a comment below. I will try to provide the best answer to your question as soon as possible.

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