Euro T20 Slam Draft 2019 – ET20S League 2019

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Every Country has its Cricket team. Cricket is an international game. Cricket teams are competing with others. Teams will play the matches of this league in different cities of different countries. In this league, teams associated with the names of cities of different countries. T20 Euro Slam will start in Ireland in which Scotland and Netherlands are also taking part in this league. Who is taking part in this league? If you want to know complete information about Euro T20 Slam Draft, then stay with me!

Euro T20 Slam Draft

Euro T20 Slam Draft

On 30 April 2019, T20 Euro Slam was adequately launched in Ireland. We know the names of teams, full match schedule and proper venue where the League takes place. The announcement will be later in Media. Complete player’s Drafts will complete in two separate parts.

Euro T20 Slam Draft Rules

In the first Euro T20 league, six franchises are taking part. It has confirmed that every franchise could have up to sixteen players in their groups. In every country’s franchise, nine players must be local, and a team can draft a maximum of seven players.

Local Players Draft

Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands will be select all the private and players because it is the first part of the Draft of Euro T20 Slam. The total individual players are 54 who will choose in this Draft, and every Franchise can choose up to 9 players in the team.

International Players Draft

In the second part of eT20s Draft, to make the league more competitive, every franchise can select up to 6 international players. On the initial launch day, marquee players categories were discussed in detail. In this anticipated Euro T20 slam league, a total of 42 international players will take part with the support of three cricket board.

Selected Players In Draft

The complete list of the players for T20 will be updated soon, and the official Draft show goes live. On the 30th April 2019, the organizers and promoters started accepting the franchises offer. Finalized, once the team owners we’ll see the official Euro T20 Slam Draft. The draft for the league will happen in Dublin, Ireland.

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