Eoin Morgan Joining As An Overseas Player In Euro T20 Slam League

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Fans of the cricket are excited about the upcoming Euro T20 Slam League. The three countries Ireland Scotland and the Netherlands, are taking part in this league. Each country will take part in this league with the two teams. Everyone knows about the local players and overseas players. The caption of England Eoin Morgan joining as an overseas player in Euro T20 Slam. Stay with me for more details!

Eoin Morgan Joining As An Overseas Player In Euro T20 Slam

The officials of the Euro T20 have announced about the local and overseas players. Every team from each country can take part with up to 9 local players and up to 6 overseas players in this T20 league.

If you are looking at the overseas players, they don’t need to worry. The franchises selected the caption Eoin Morgan of England as an overseas player. He born in Dublin and he got an education in Catholic University school. He is a left-handed batsman and also a right-handed bowler.


Euro T20 Slam Matches will start on 30 August and will wind up on 22 September. The teams of Euro T20 will play a total of 33 matches in this league. It is a fantastic event for cricket lovers.

England team will play the upcoming World Cup cricket matches in September, and it is not possible without Eoin Morgan. So, Eoin Morgan will also play as an overseas player in the Euro T20 Slam league.

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Eoin Morgan has a nickname known as Moggie. He has played many cricket tournaments round all over the World. Moreover, he has got a significant number of fans in the world. Everyone knows the excellent performance of the Moggie in cricket Worldwide.

Although he is a batsman, so he hits the ball in this way that the bowlers are pressurized. Moreover, he also scatters the magic at the time of bowling. Look at the career of Eoin Morgan!

Career Of Eoin Morgan  

Total Matches Test Matches 16 ODIs 233 T20Is 81
Inns  24   208   79
Runs 700 7034 1810
Average 30.43   39.74 28.73

Final Words
Every Franchise will try to get the Moggie. Maybe, Eoin Morgan is your favorite player or your favorite team in which he will play. So, don’t miss the chance to watch live performance of Eoin Morgan.

You have known the Eoin Morgan as an overseas player and also have read his career in the above section. So, I hope you will watch Euro T20 Slam league. Moreover, you will also appreciate to your favorite players.

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